We’re back! (if you even heard of us before)

Re7ive originally started in 2013 – but in reality this is the first time you’re hearing of us.

I bought this domain, launched a website which had quite a similar feeling to the current one in design, along with a logo I quickly made in 5 minutes

The logo I made, and used, back in 2013.

I started Re7ive because I wanted a place to organize all my projects in – and because I used to be part of a team of developers who worked on gaming servers together, and I really missed that feeling.

Either way, the domain wasn’t renewed and I did not continue with the project.

Now, six years later – we’re back with a new website, new logo and several projects that are in development (and have been up at some point – but discontinued for various reasons).

Eventually, I hope that I could organize a group of developers to work on these projects and many others in the future. I have many ambitious plans and I can’t wait to work on them.

– Corne, the creator of Re7ive

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